Adding your web site to a tab in Facebook fan page.

Add a page tab to existing site on FacebookI was wondering how I would embed my website forms in to Facebook so that people who found our page wouldn’t have to leave it to either add a team or find a team.

It took me a little bit of research and a lot of trial and error and afterwards I felt silly for taking so long to do it.

I thought this would be a great place to document the process for all of the things I didn't understand when I was reading through step by steps. First, Read through this blog post. 

Step 1:




Step 2:

Choose Website

Add a New App Screenshot for Facebook

Step 3:

I don't know what the best practices are here but in all seriousness, it just makes sense to name your app for it's function. In this case I will name mine "AllTeamz Find A Team". Once you have named it, click Create New Facebook App ID

Name your app for Facebook

Step 4: 

Plug in your website URL and then click Next. On the following page you will choose to Skip to the Developer Dashboard.

Next Step Skip to Dashboard

Step 5:

Make note of the App ID because you will use it again. Click Settings.

Step 6: 

Click + Add Platform, Choose Page Tab.

Name your tab. Put the URL for the Page Tab, and the HTTPS:// site for your Secure Page Tab URL. Save Changes.
Add Page Tab to Facebook Name your Page Tab

 Step 7:

This is the part that confused me but when I figured it out I felt silly.

Go to in your browser.

Add Page Tab

Choose the Facebook Page you want the tab to display on.... and you will have your site embedded in your Facebook page. Holy cow that was easy.

If you want to find a team on Facebook directly from the AllTeamz Facebook Page, just choose the Find A Team tab.

AllTeamz Find a Page in Facebook.

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