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A friend of mine and I bootstrapped our own Internet Startup recently,, to solve some of the problems parents have when finding a team for their kids.

Check us out on

Check us out on

We are in the process of putting the final touches on our application. It seems funny to call it an application since it’s a website…….. but accurate. We are going to make sure that our location services are everything you as a user and team would expect them to be. Location is the driving force behind the results you see as a customer. Once we feel it’s the best it can be, will be released to the people who need it most. By Valentines Day, maybe sooner, we will change the way players find teams and teams find players.

We have accumulated over 200,000 team profiles in cities covering the United States. Teams and Leagues, recreational and club level, 16 different types of sports, male and female, ages 4 to 18+, etc. In our testing, in every city we searched, we found teams for children to participate on. AllTeamz at launch will be the most relevant directory for players looking for teams and teams looking for players.


How the site will work

When you visit you will be given a couple of options to choose from and your journey begins!



Players: You will be able to start your search by clicking on Get Started, where you will find all of the sports available in your area. Choosing options above the teams will allow you to narrow down the teams in your area to find the perfect team for you or your child. Choose by distance or cost, map location, or recent listings and your new team will be a quick click away. Shoot the manager an email, visit their website, or give them a call should you want more details. All of the information for teams you know about and more that you don’t!

Teams/Leagues: If you are a team or league you will be able to create a profile so that players looking for teams can find you. Create a profile with our Profile Builder and share all there is to know about your team/league. Share it on Facebook or Tweet it when finished to get the word out socially. We think you’ll see the value when players begin contacting you for tryouts and registrations.

Listings: The site will know what city or area you are visiting from and display relevant listings for teams in the area. Teams can reach the front page of in their area by keeping the listings up to date and players can find the most recent information by checking back with us. For teams, listings are where you will be able to post information you would want prospective players to know about; tryouts, registration, new walk-in locations, etc. Imagine all the sites you post this information to currently and then realize we just made it easier for players to find you!

We cannot wait for everyone to see it. Some of you already have. What you have not seen is an application that makes the tasks of finding teams for you or your children this simple, fast, and easy.

Thank you from Team AllTeamz and Ryan Taylor!


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