Amazon Fire TV replaced my AppleTV and Entertainment PC

I have been a big supporter of the AppleTV but since the latest versions are incredibly hard to jailbreak I started looking for different options. I was hanging on to my original version AppleTV for this reason only. Now that a better option exists, and even for this Apple fanboy, the AppleTV is no more.

You can now purchase the Amazon Fire TV online and once this little thing shows up on your doorstep the setup is dead simple.

If you can follow instructions then you will be running XBMC on your Amazon Fire TV in about 10 minutes. Seriously.

The XBMC wiki has step by step instructions for allowing you to replace that unbreakable AppleTV with the smoking fast Amazon TV with voice control.

XBMC running on Amazon Fire TV

XBMC running on Amazon Fire TV

As you can see it works well.

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