Baseball Fan Meet Slingbox. Slingbox Meet Superfan

My love affair with baseball is long and well documented. With that being said I believe I was born on September 30th so that I can celebrate and then prepare myself for October.

October is here. Those regular season games I watched have all ended and no longer start at 7:35PM. Now that it is a playoff baseball time and the games are likely to be played during the day, I have to work efficiently to stay in the loop on my teams.

Today I am sitting in my cubicle with 3 monitors and lots of work to complete but........ that does not allow me to watch baseball. Thank goodness I own a SlingBox. I am far too busy to constantly watch the game, but I am not too busy to have the audio play in the background and rewind for highlights. If you do not have one and you like MLB, NCCAA Football, NFL, or the NBA then you better get one!

This doesn't just allow me to watch the game on my computer at work, it allows me to watch the game anywhere on my Android Phone or iPad. Slingbox has allowed me to watch the Lakers games when they were on the east coast, the Razorbacks while at the girls softball games. I watched King Felix throw a perfect game in Seattle. I watched the Oakland Athletics win the West against the Texas Rangers. As a matter of fact there is not a thing I will miss sports related because I have my Slingbox. I use this device like it is meant to be used and I guarantee I could do a kick a** commercial for their company.

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