Becoming a student athlete and starting as a freshmen

205649_1640755067958_5114636_nWhen Hailey was 2 years old, she would come to Hannah’s (older sister) tee-ball practices with her glove and bat and try her best to participate. She wanted to know when it was her turn to bat. She wanted me or her mom to throw. She wanted a ball or bat in her hands when she was out on the field.

Hannah was no slouch when it came to softball and at different times in her life she had a love/hate relationship with the game. At this point Hannah just wants to be a normal college student who does normal college things. I don’t blame her because she’s been playing since she was 4. If you don’t LOVE it, then it’s a big commitment.

Hailey had stood out at a very young age because of one thing. Confidence. She exudes it. She thinks that she can do anything and then in an instant, she proves herself right. I have seen her come from the bench as an 11 year old on a 12u team to pinch hit against the best pitcher I had ever seen at that age and gap a double to win the game. I wasn’t sure she was capable but I swear she never wavered. She knew.

When she was 9 and her sister was 12 she was asked to just “stand in” for her sisters team as they were short players. She played left field. Line drive to her and she made the play like she had done it 100 times. She was also 2-2 at the plate and hit the ball harder than the 12u players. She’s a gamer.

We have been playing travel softball since Hailey was 11. She loves softball and so we try to help her take action on her passion. She would like to play college softball and we feel as though that would be cool as long as grades and school are the top priority.

There is no professional softball except for the most elite 100+ players. She needs to play, compete, build relationships, to prepare for a life after softball. Recently, we started working to put Hailey in front of as many college coaches eyes as possible. I really wish we would have done the video before we ever went to a single showcase. A showcase is worthless unless someone is there to watch your kid or other kids on the team.

This is meant to be a tech blog, I wrote all of this because tech is such a big part of sports now and doing this college video was a real eye opener. Coaches don’t have to leave the comfort of their offices anymore. 2 hours after the video posted and our recruiting helper sent the email out, the emails started popping up. The video is under 2 minutes. Talk about efficiency. These coaches know exactly what they are looking for, as long as the video is well done, and will very quickly know whether they are interested or not.

Without further delay, check out Hailey Taylor’s video sent to Division 1 and 2 colleges.

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