Casper Mattress Review, Promo Code, and $50 off

This review was written by Cory Stanfield. When it comes to sleeping there are few people that I trust more. Make sure to take advantage of $50 off your order by using the referral link here. You don’t need a coupon or promo code, just use the link and automatically you are entered to receive $50 off your order. Boom!

The beginning of the Casper Mattress setup The casper mattress floating bed project is complete

5537704197205333621In short, Buying this mattress through Casper was the best buying experience I've ever had. Couple that with a bed I absolutely love and I feel this product is a genuine 10/10.

First lets talk about the company. Everything from the website, to customer support, to the companies core values, and all the way through the buying process is geared completely to making sure you have the easiest, most comfortable, consumer experience as possible. The website has a very modern easy to navigate feel to it. Customer support (not 24/7) was enthusiastically ready to assist with all of my concerns in the friendliest conversation I've ever had with a company representative. The company itself built its platform around reinventing how beds are sold. They are against standard mattress store high pressure pitch sales and the uncertainty of buying on the web. They are completely up front about their product and went to great length's to remove any fear of making a large investment with them. You cannot test this bed anywhere (Of course you can always come by and give mine a try) they have combated this with a 100 day trial of the bed. If you don't like it, for any reason whatsoever they will pay to have it picked up at a 100% refund. Casper is partnered with Affirm, an online credit company that offers 0% interest on Casper beds (Paypal inventor started Affirm). The company even has a line you can call where they will read you a bed time story. Shit you not, it's a thing and they do it. Enough about the company though, I'm probably coming off as a fanboy.

Casper's bed is composed of a latex foam top and memory foam core. This allows for a breathable surface area that provides the support of memory foam without the quicksand sinking feeling that a traditional ones give. It's actually quite springy.  In terms of softness it's definitely on the firmer side. When I first opened it It was easily a 9/10 which is way too firm for me, but after a week or so it dropped down to about a 7 which is perfect for me. Like i said the bed is breathable so it doesn't store heat at all. When i sleep my body temperature seems to skyrocket and I've never once over heated on this bed. Even through this bullshit summer we've had.The bed needs about a minute to expand and has no odor to it at all. It can be supported on any base you choose. Platform, box spring, even the ground will work. I built a floating platform for it as you can see in the picture. It's hypo allergenic and mine came with a hand written thank-you note from the CEO.

I highly recommend this bed and Casper as a company. I'm not easily impressed, my deadpan demeanor doesn't allow for this easily. I speak the truth when I say this is one of my most valued possessions. 10/10 Would recommend. Plus I want $50.

TL;DR Bought a bed from a kick ass company that I really like. I want $50

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  1. Great review! I have a Casper and love it just as much. I actually tried the Tuft & Needle mattress before Casper, but found it to be much firmer than I prefered. Glad I heard about Casper and gave them a shot…I love this mattress!

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