Fitbit, SiriusXM, and My Fitness Pal are technology for the unmotivated

Dodgers on SiriusXM MobileAzul, my significant other, has been extremely motivated to drop some poundage. In 3 months, I have watched her get up every morning and head to the gym. She also started a shake diet which I had no interest in doing because.... I love food. However, 3 months later, she has dropped 25 pounds and I could not be happier for her.

We have lost significant weight before by simply changing our diet. We would say things like "I have lost 50 pounds and I am never going back to being a fat ass again". It doesn't happen suddenly, it occurs over time. You start having a couple of beers when you eat out. You eat the bread when it comes to the table. You decide that cake, brownies, and cookies are OK as long as you don't have too much. Before you know it you are looking in the mirror at your former self.

I lost my motivation to keep going previously. Truth is, I hate weight training and always have. I don't love cardio but I do it. I can play basketball and feel great but my body revolts after a couple of consecutive nights.

Something happened recently and one day I just woke up and felt motivated to get it done. I want to be around for a good long while and at the current rate I am punishing this meat bag I call a body, it wouldn't be long if I kept it up. I needed some new tech to help me along the way.

I am a gadget guy. I like a well thought out app or even better, a piece of hardware that makes my life easier. I purchased a Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband recently and this thing is pretty cool. Remember those Livestrong bracelets and when everyone had one? Well this thing looks a lot like that but in classic black.

Fitbit Flex on my wristNotice the three lights, they indicate that I am 60% completed  on my goal for the day. My goal is 5 miles or 10,000 steps.

I carry an iPhone for work and a Galaxy S3 for personal. To sync the Flex you turn on the bluetooth on either device and it will automatically sync with either one as long as it's within 20 feet.

Sleep tracking using Fitbit Flex on iPhone

The Fitbit Flex will also track your sleeping habits. There is a combination of taps on the bracelet that will set the device for sleep tracking. I obviously don't get the amount of sleep I would prefer, but at least I know what I am missing out on.

I got the Fitbit to track my physical activity and with My Fitness Pal I am able to track my diet from the respective apps.

I would highly encourage you to sign up for free at (known as MFP hereafter) or download the apps and do it from there.

My Fitness Pal for iPhone

My Fitness Pal for iPad

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Once you have your MFP account set up you can link other apps to it. The Flex data can interface with MFP to track your exercise from the Flex and you use MFP to track your calories and diet. In the end you will have a great picture of your calories in and calories burned for the day.

Tracking activity, calories, distance using Fitbit Flex

With all of this exercise and food watching it's easy to forget what your phone is really meant to be used for. Music!

I do strength training at work and do my cardio with Azul. I put in my earphones and listen to SiriusXM and MLB.

You can download SiriusXM for iPhone or Android to enjoy their programming or some MLB games. I have made it part of my workout to just listen to the Dodgers or Cardinals games to pass the time.

I feel motivated now. Everyday I wake up sore and exhausted but I have a goal. I meet a ton of people who remember me as "big guy" and I certainly can go a lifetime without hearing it.

With a couple of new gadgets and a subscription to some streaming music I am on my way.



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