I have a talent, now what?

gum wrapper in a glass

I can throw things. I can throw anything from anywhere and hit almost anything. Today I went to a carnival and threw a football from 30 yards into an open hole cut out of a backdrop, my open receiver. A game for children to throw from about 10 yards out. Before I threw it I actually told my buddies, "hey, check this out, here we go". First throw, no warmup, in the hole. Someone actually said to me "No way, that's what the cool kids do".  I chew gum and while I was considering whether I should write this little factoid about myself, I popped a piece in my mouth. I then rolled up the wrapper and tossed it to the empty glass 10 feet away from me. Again, one throw, in the hole. See it in the picture attached.

On a daily basis, I throw something, somewhere, and 9 out of 10 times, I make whatever it is in to whatever I am throwing it in to. Now... I don't know what it is but if I am screwing around and actually call someone's attention to it, I seem to do it better. Jim Swanson started coaching with me this year and as we were cleaning up after a practice recently I grabbed a softball and from the outfield told him I would make it in a bucket at home plate. His smile motivated me. I felt my focus tunnel vision. Cocked my arm back and launched it towards the bucket. Care to guess what happened? It was 2 months ago and he still talks about it.

I see all of these videos on youtube of baseball, basketball, and football trick shots. Do you think I should do a video? Maybe not with balls in particular, random objects, a softball or two, a piece of gum ? It is a skill but what it's good for? A dunk tank? Where does throwing accuracy rank on my list of many talents? Pretty high. Leave me a comment and tell me what I should do.

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