Making up is hard to do, but worth it.

My grandfather and I have not been particularly close, in part because of some of the things I was told by a family member. They turned out to be half or full on non-truths. What I do know, is the man worked his butt off and invested his money well. He loves his kids, but doesn’t say it often. He loves us and doesn’t tell us either. We just know. He and his wife are inspirational in many ways. He is 80 and could easily pass for 60, but when I ask him how, he almost runs from me. He is a man fully aware of his mortality and honestly doesn’t know how to answer the question.

It was a nice visit and after my parents left his house, my family stayed….. I felt I needed to be there by myself. We talked, we went and saw his local projects in the community, he expressed how proud he was of me and my cousin, Amanda, and we bandaged up some old emotional wounds without even looking at the gashes.

It is nice to have a relationship with him. It’s nice for my family to as well. He is a sweet man, who shows his love and admiration like a game of Texas Hold Em; close to the chest and with metaphorical sunglasses to hide his eyes. A good man and a pretty good grandfather.

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