Marketing the English Premier League to America

I have noticed that ESPN and others are starting to show soccer highlights. You know me….. if it is on ESPN it’s somewhat legit and I must watch. I was brainstorming during my drive to work and wondered what it would take to make people in the US care about soccer/football.

So here is my EPL Marketing Plan for the US. The biggest issue is making fans take ownership of a team like they do stateside. So if you live in Los Angeles you most likely like the Lakers and the Dodgers or Clippers and Angels. My idea is  create a web site that allows users to search their last name to analyze the number of people with that surname and where the majority exists in England.

Taylors-EnglandHere were the results of my name Taylor from I chose to see the England and Wales map.



EPL TeamsI see that between 20.000 and 40,000 of my people live in the northern part of England. I now look for a map that shows the teams in the EPL.

The two cities that exists closest to the number of Taylors are Newcastle United and Sunderland. So now I have a decision to make.
What if the site gave me a brief synopsis of the teams, their fans, their standings, etc. Perfect for making an intelligent decision.

I would then be able to make a choice much like the one I made to choose the Dodgers over the Angels. In this case the site would most likely suggest Newcastle since they are ahead in the standings.

So I would then register as a member of the Toon Army 12th Man and would be connecting Americans, the longtime soccer snob,s to the country of which they probably came and the sport they so love.

All of this soccer thought has me exhausted. Lakers game is starting now so on that note I have another round ball to watch.

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