Watching streaming video on your big screen

EEEPC Streaming Media ServerBoxee Media Center ManagerHow many of you are reading articles about the death of cds and dvds? Blockbuster is dead, I have not seen a Hollywood Video since 2008. Netflix is humming along despite their current price hike. iTunes offers reasonable rental rates to stream new releases from the AppleTV. All of these are options are available if you know what you are doing. I have a setup that works very well for me and I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg. So long DVDs and hello home entertainment center.

Track your lost or stolen iPhone if you have a 3GS or 4

iPhone ownership by Family Member:
Ryan: iPhone 4
Azul: iPhone 4
Hannah: iPhone 3GS
Victor: iPhone 3

Hailey: Android

Not that long ago, let’s say a month ago Hannah went to the beach with some of her friends and took the train. This was a sponsored event through the school so it’s not like I just put her on a train and told her to have a great day.

When each of our kids got their phone I setup a free MobileMe account so that I could track their phone if it was lost for any reason.

Hannah and Hailey start the softball postseason

Hannah Taylor United Fastpitch 16UHannah has one game left in her regular season for the Stampede, her regular season team at Canyon Country Little League. She will most likely make the Junior all-star team and play in their tournament starting mid-June. She is also playing on a 16U team in preperation of her freshmen high school team. The 16U Fastpitch United team consists of freshmen and sophmores competing only in tournament play. This weekend we head up to Orange County to play in the Memorial Day tournament there.

iPhone 4. Reasons to jailbreak 4.2.1 rather than upgrading to 4.3

Most folks are truly excited about the features being released as part of iOS 4.3, I am not thrilled about them. Here are the big ones as referenced by this article at Engadget . In my personal opinion I would not make the jump to 4.3 for the features as they are outlined, I will tell you what Cydia apps already have offered this functionality and some others I use that introduce features I deem should be part of the iOS already. These apps are only available if you have a jailbroken iPhone. Check out Greenpois0n for more information about how to jailbreak your phone.