Ryan and Azul’s Double Feature Movie Night

True Grit vs. The Fighter. Who wins?

Ok, I always hear about people enjoying a double feature movie by paying for one and sneaking in to another. My aunt and her friend do it. Hell, from what I understand, they do double-double features. Azul’s mom and stepdad do it. Why can’t we? Well, first off, the guilt was too much. I felt like everyone was looking at me and judging me. We didnt even make it to the theater where our 2nd movie was showing. i turned and headed back to the ticket office and bought the 2nd movie tickets. $23 later, I felt ready to enjoy a guiltless flick.

Azul had quite the laugh at our guilty conscience during the thought process. We are cowards. More importantly, we were honest and would not have enjoyed a fantastic movie had we not payed for it. We would have been too worried about being humiliated and escorted out. Remember, locks on your door don’t keep criminals from coming in to your house, they keep honest people from coming in to your house. Locks keep honest people honest.

Moving on to the movie selections for the night: “The Fighter” and “True Grit”. They were both great and I’ll tell you the reason I liked each of them.

True Grit is fantastic. I am a Coen Brothers fan and so I expected a good flick, but it was actually great. Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges were cast perfectly for their parts. Barry Peppers was so good I didn’t even recognize him.  The 14 year old girl playing Maddie Ross mastered the intelligent 14 year old, and the scared teenager, and sometimes in the same scene. The Dude most definitely abides in this flick.

My dad used to get all of the fights when I was younger. Notice, I said get, not pay for. We had a huge satellite dish in the backyard and a shady guy that came by once a month to exchange the “chip”. As a result, I have seen all of Mike Tyson’s fights, plus many others. Those who come to my house for the fights nowadays know I am passionate about boxing (watching, not fighting).

10 or more years ago one of my friends, Will Arnold, told me about a match he had watched between Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti. We watched it on the replay and then watched the following two rematches. These are the best three fights I have ever seen.Years later while working in Massachusetts, we met Mickey Ward. Will got his autograph on a 8 X 10 photo and it’s in my house right now. I thought that guy had True Grit. Do you see what I did there?

Seeing this movie convinces me that Bostonians have it going on right now. Affleck and “The Town”. Walhberg and “The Fighter”. For sure, Christian Bale will win the Oscar for best supporting actor. He plays a hyper, drug addled, former boxing hero with gusto. The movie is almost comedic when seeing the family Mickey Ward puts up with. The cast was great and the fights were authentic. I felt chill bumps a couple of times during the matches. I would have loved for them to show some of the Gatti fights during the creditss so people could see this guy was a brawler in the ring, not the coverup artist they portray him to be. It was a good movie.

Walhberg plays Ward like a champ. If you have seen any of the promotional material Mark has done for the movie, he could certainly use some of that acting skill in the real world too. He was a guest on Sportscenter and it was punishing listening to his voice for the 10 minutes he was on air. He has to be a good actor because in real life he is better off…. quiet.

Check out some of those fights on YouTube. The first fight, linked below, was dubbed “The Fight of the Century”

In the end, I preferred True Grit. I am an Arkansas boy and the whole movie took place in The Natural State. The references to coon hunting in Petit Jean while camping under the stars, Fort Smith, Little Rock, and others, made me smile throughout the whole movie. Great movie set in a great state with great actors and two amazing directors, the Coen Brothers.

If you have to choose, take “True Grit”

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