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I grew up in Cabot, Arkansas but relocated to Los Angeles in 2004. I have two daughters, Hailey and Hannah; a stepson, Victor Lopez. Last but not least, I have a dedicated and pretty awesome partner in Azul Cossio. We live in West Hills, a nice little bedroom community inĀ LA.

So…… a brief introduction. I started AllTeamz.com and try to wear all of the hats for the day to day (or night to night) to support it. I work for a great company, Intuit, in Woodland Hills. I am a NOC manager with employees in San Diego and Los AngelesĀ for them. Everyday, I learn something new and enjoy working for a company rated as one of the best by Forbes.

We, as a family, are huge sports fans. We love the Lakers and Dodgers, boxing, snowboarding, etc. While my girls don’t have the appreciation of anything other than LA teams. I cut my teeth on the St. Louis Cardinals and claim them as my favorite team, Dodgers are in 3rd. Lakers are 1st.

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