Sportscrate. A swing and a miss

I sure do like getting sports related stuff every month in a subscription box. I saw the ad for Sports Crate and signed up for it in March. The pitch (pun intended) was that we’d receive a box every month starting in May. That has been a lie and a lack of communication of epic proportions. 

I paid, and then received my 1st box some time in late May. Hell, I don’t have proof of that because I never received a shipping email. It just showed up. The box would have been great for a 12 year old. I am not sure that I, as a 40 year old dude, enjoy cheap little promotional looking items. I don’t need a baseball card or little cartoon figurines. Where do adults put stuff like that? Their bedroom? 

Here is what the box looked like (not me by the way)

The shirt is a 3/4 sleeve and looks like something you’d wear to sleep in. I am not sure the value is there for the other stuff in the box. Oh well, I will wait until I receive the June box. EXCEPT the June box never came. The 2nd box is scheduled to arrive on July 13th. Huh? 2nd box after the all star break? What happened to June. Well on June 6th I received this email letting me know the theme for the June box. Sweet.

However, temper your expectations because on June 25th, when the boxes are supposed to ship I got this message.

So after the long wait, I finally get the shipping notification, The June box shipped on July 6th via FedEx. Cool, I should have that by the 10th since that is kind of what FedEx is known for right? Nope. Sports Crate decided that since they were shipping late that they would go ahead and send it via FedEx Burro. I have never seen a slower delivery with FedEx. A week to get to California? What?

I want to add one more thing. Sports Crate list Los Angeles, CA as their location. I live there. So, the fulfillment center doing these boxes is in flyover country somewhere because the boxes aren’t shipping from a place where delivery would be significantly faster. .

Sports Crate is a big swing and a miss. I am hoping their demotion to the minors leads to a promotion to the bigs when I finally get my 2nd box and hopefully I will get my 3rd box before the first week of September.


I canceled my subscription. I have no regrets in doing so. My July box is due to arrive on August 17th.

After I cancelled I received a phone call from my mom and dad because they too subscribed to SportsCrate Cardinals box. My mom called to tell me that they won the golden ticket and were going for the VIP experience in St. Louis. She also told me how much they loved the box and how different their experience was. In fact, they had/have already received their July box last week. Now I believe that distribution is the problem for SportsCrate and being on the west coast has absolutely screwed me on getting the boxes in a more timely manner. I will update after my mom shares some of the information on the golden ticket.

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