Stealing or Inspiration for Artists

As previously written, I enjoy Twitter as a news feed as much as I do for the social aspect of it. I find news sources I find interesting, follow them, and then get updated when those news/entertainment post new items.

Some time ago I was redesigning the site you are on right now and decided I wanted a baseball themed leathery looking iteration of my name. I started looking for inspiration for my design. 

I happened to run across a guy named Marcelo Schultz who was doing some pretty amazing work. You can find his work on the following sites. Hey Marcelo, I want to make sure you get credit for the work being on my site.

So I attempted to create the Ryan Taylor logo on my site using his work as my inspiration. He and I tweeted back and forth since I was looking for a tutorial on how he was creating this.  I liked getting updates about his work because it is pretty amazing.

On Tuesday, Mr. Schultz tweeted the following:







I found it funny that he is using a copyrighted business to showcase his talent while marketing himself and gaining notoriety for it. He should make sure to send Nike a thank you letter for every job he has commissioned since using their name. I tweeted the following.




Here is what gets me about this whole exchange. He is bagging on people who enjoy his work and telling them they are nonsensepeople, not realizing that he is actually showcasing his art on t-shirts and they want one? Then, because he doesn’t get that they are fans of his work, he tells them to F* Off!

Sadly, he would be far better off to have his fans start a viral twitter campaign to have Nike make and market his designs. Instead he insults the people who enjoy his work and loses a great opportunity.


I notice this morning that he retweeted and replied to me and then blocked me. Marcelo is very sensitive to constructive criticism.

Follow @schultzdzn on twitter. If he wants people to respect his artistry he should use his talent and not the marketing juggernaut of a name like NIKE.

Before anyone says anything concerning being an artist, let me say this. I did all of the artwork for Just Kids SCV magazine for the better part of two years. I created the Canyon Country Little League (small time, but it was for free and I liked doing it) logo which I have seen on signs, t-shirts, trophies, etc. Both of these graphics jobs were things I created from my mind and when I see them in the “wild” I am honored.

There is obviously a fine line between infringement and inspiration. In either case, there is an opportunity to be recognized for what you do, and if done correctly it can lead to a job you love. Marcelo could have learned something here but since he blocked me, one will never know.





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  1. MTF, I couldn’t agree more. He does amazing work and I have been an admirer of his work for some time.

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