Uninspired kids render the dishwasher useless

See that picture? Not in our house! When I was a kid I was not necessarily required to wash dishes after eating. We were required to rinse our dishes and then load the dishwasher. My grandparents would visit and they thought this was ridiculous.  I personally would never go to someone else’s house and care about, let alone comment on, the way they do dishes. These are my grandparents though, very judgmental, often commenting how lazy my sister and I were. Actually, they talk about everyone and everything that people do.  I laugh about this now since I am having a similar problem with my own children.

It is the former generation’s responsibility to tell the current generation how they did it better. The facts are pretty indisputable however, I am going to live longer (hopefully) than the previous generation and my kids longer than mine. Some things…. the current generation does better. Like living. We are intimidated by change so we all romanticize the past. Human nature I guess, but absurd if you are part of a generation that fully knows this and then partakes in the romantics anyway.

So a few things are driving this post and they are as follows:

  1. The dishwasher in our house stays full and no one empties it other than the adults.
  2. When the dishwasher is full, the sink becomes a dumping ground for dirty dishes
  3. I do all of the laundry in our house and I put the girls clothes on their bed and expect them to only put them away. Never happens unless I nag them hourly

While emptying the dishwasher seems easier than hand washing to me, Azul grew up in Mexico and did not have that luxury. The family did dishes every night, hand dryed, and put them away. She suggested that we stop using the dishwasher and have everyone wash the dishes as we used them. She explained that even when she moved to the states they would use the dishwasher as storage for grocery bags and other kitchenware. What?! In this century? Hand-washing? The kids groaned when we implemented the new rule and so did we once we realized we’d have to lead the charge by doing it also.

Implementation complete. Results: A great idea which has worked so far. While we still have to ask them to clean their dishes occasionally it seems to be much easier to manage than the alternative. Leave me a comment and give me some ideas on how to enforce this whole putting the clothes away and I might have an easier life rather than having to nagging Mr. Mom.

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  1. We had the same laundry problem with our girls. Decided they could wash their own clothes. Two weeks into it and we really don’t care if their clean laundry ends up on the floor. We didn’t wash it!

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