USB only MagicJack on MacOS Sierra or High Sierra

I have been messing around with the Raspberry Pi 3 and as a result I started looking through old devices I haven’t used in years to see if I could repurpose them in some creative way with the Pi. One of those items was the original MagicJack. I am still working on the Pi solution using the MJ but in the meantime I will try to make it work on a new Macbook running Sierra.

This is one of the more visited articles on my blog and it never occurred to me that the people reading the directions wouldn’t be technical. The terminal is a bit confusing to others. I had a Macbook Air that I hadn’t installed the update on and so I decided to run the setup there, and then record it. The video is embedded below.

Plugging the device in for the first time in 7 years I was surprised to see it launch. When I attempted to run the MJ software though I got a message after the app quits, Magicjack quit unexpectedly. OK, no biggie, time to go and find the updated software. I found this post on Facebook and from there I was able to download the most updated software. Here is the link for it.

The magicJackSetup application in the DMG file you download will not run and you’ll get a message saying “magicjack setup is damaged and can’t be opened”. It’s not. Don’t give up quite yet.

Open a terminal and run the following

sudo spctl --master-disable

If you run the magicJackSetup app again now it will run and install on your Mac. Your MagicJack should now run as well.

You will need to turn on security again for downloaded apps.

sudo spctl --master-enable

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  1. Works fine until after the sudo spctl –master-enable command and I close MagicJack. Next time I plug MagicJack in nothing. Just another crash.

  2. Ryan, Many thanks for the link to the .dmg update tool. I recall having to do this previously but had no idea where I’d stored it away.
    No need for me to use the terminal commands to remove security, it just worked as per the instructions in the text file in the .dmg file.
    Thanks so much.

  3. in the DMG file, there is a text file with instructions. Did you attempt to follow the instructions in there?

  4. Fantastic, thank you. My nearly 10 year old magicJack now works on my MBP 15″ with Touch Bar running High Sierra using a USB C adapter.

  5. Good day,

    I too have followed your instructions and those in the dmg file closely, but cannot enter a password (what password?!) which is unexpectedly required by the Terminal.

    MJ still cannot run on my Sierra update. I need to call work and family. A painfully awkward moment this is.

    Can you please help once more?

    True regards,

  6. It is letting you type it, it just won’t appear, for security. Try typing your computer password, then press enter

  7. It is letting you type it, it just won’t appear, for security. Try typing your computer password, then press enter

  8. It is letting you type it, it just won’t appear, for security. Try typing your computer password, then press enter

  9. will any1 confirm ./ deny that their mj go usb works with mac ‘high sierra’ 10,13 ? i have nj working on my 17″ macbook pro that runs sierra aka 10.12


  10. I’ve been trying to get my MJ PLUS to work for the last week. Then I found your post. I think I followed your instructions, but when I finish, I get the Soft Pad with the following message: “Connect the device to the Internet, and double-click.” I know I’m connected to the internet. Any idea why this won’t work? Just to make sure I’m doing all this correctly, here are the steps I followed:
    1. Downloaded magicJackSetup.dmg
    2. Ran the Update software
    2. Downloaded firmware update: mjisoupdate.dmg
    3. Opened Terminal, and pasted: sudo spctl –master-disable
    4 Ran the firmware update
    5. Unplugged the device and plugged it in again.
    As I said the Soft Pad opened with the above message. Please help! I haven’t been able to make or receive calls for almost 2 weeks. Plus, I have found that smoke signals don’t work. 🙂 . Thanks for any assistance you may be able provide.

  11. Unfortunately Larry, I have no idea. Mine works but mine is not the Magicjack Plus. What version of MacOS are you running?

  12. Sierra. I really hoped you had the answer. If you looked at my list, did see anything out of place or in the wrong order? One last thing, I was using the PLUS. Do you think I might have better luck with the GO? Thanks for your help.

  13. I have a similar issue, mj+ running on am iMac,El Cap. MJ does not run if connected to a USB port on the IMAC. It will run off a USB hub or from the MAC keyboard extra USB port.

    Tried running all updates, SMC and PRAM clear, but no go for the unit working when plugged into the back of the IMAC USB ports. Still works from the hub/extension USB ports.

    Yes, USB ports work fine for all other USB devices.

    Is the an issue with security control on the mac software or is it just MJ that is the issue?

  14. I highly doubt it, I am not sure about your iMac but the USB plug next to the headphone jack is the only 3.0 port, the others are 2. I wonder if it’s the same thing for you.

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