Watching the Dodgers on TV In LA

Dodgers 2018 NLDS
If you are able, go to the game, if you are not, stream it

Watching the Los Angeles Dodgers on TV, or online, in Los Angeles, is impossible if you do it by simply paying for MLB At Bat and tuning in. Why? Because, in the era of cord cutters, Spectrum or Time Warner Cable require that you sign up for their bloated TV package. If you have MLB At Bat the game will have a black out in LA. For the 4th year I will be forced to watch the 2019 baseball season by using a DNS service.

The same can be said for the St Louis Cardinals because of their deal with Fox Sports Midwest. Using an OTA (over the air) antenna? Well then you won’t be seeing Goldschmidt hit bombs in Busch.

Workaround for MLB Black Out

For 3 years I have used a service called Unlocator. I am in tech so I am going to have a much different setup then most but they do offer guides for every device you can possibly imagine. I have this service configured on my router vs my devices and prefer this method because I configure it once and it automatically works on all of my non-mobile devices, Roku, FireTV, and Apple TV. It’s a very simple solution to our problem and allows us to watch the Dodgers on MLB At Bat in Los Angeles without having to subscribe to a cable plan. It would also work for other areas where MLB blackouts exist in local areas

I don’t want to beat you over the head with technical details unlike other solutions used to workaround MLB black outs. I want it to “just work”. If you are interested in the details check the FAQ page on the Unlocator website (link above)

Go Dodgers! Bleed Blue!

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