Widgets for iOS 8 are simple. Of course!

I converted from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now back to the iPhone. I am a phone whore. I need help.

There are things that I really liked about the Android platform that iOS didn’t offer. One of those things was widgets. If you have iOS 8, you can now have widgets and they are so minimal that I find them sleek and a little sexy.

On your iPhone or iPad, swipe down to see your normal notification space and then hit Today. Scroll to the bottom and click Edit.

You will now see that you can remove some of the widgets you already. Scroll down further and you will see the apps you have installed that also support widgets. Immediately, I see two that I know are going to provide the information at a glance I want. I need. Fantasy Football live scoring and ESPN Sportscenter with live scoring of my favorite teams. Razorbacks, Lakers, Cardinals, etc.

As soon as I enabled both of them I realized just how slick they have made the widgets for iOS 8 and how this feature could go unused by most people because it’s so minimal it can be ignored.


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