Youtube on iOS. Something went wrong

Something went wrong. Tap to retry

Have you seen this when attempting to watch Youtube videos on your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device?

The fix is simple:

Reset network settings. Settings >General>Reset Network Settings.

Be aware that resetting network settings will result in the following:

Resetting network settings resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN settings that you’ve used before; if performed while roaming, it shouldn’t affect your ability to roam internationally. Stored network info and Wif-Fi passwords are deleted.

7 Replies to “Youtube on iOS. Something went wrong”

  1. Works for some, others it doesn’t. What a helpful comment you left though. You’re a class act

  2. Thanks. This worked for me but a few weeks later the same problem reoccurred. Don’t want to be doing this every fortnight if I can avoid it! Any idea on a more technical level why your method works at all? Might go some way towards understanding the underlying issue and in turn a permanent solution.

  3. Hey Paul, I don’t and I tried many different things before posting this as a solution…… I did it 2-3 months ago and haven’t had an issue since then. It’s obviously a bigger problem than either Youtube or Apple think, this article is getting viewed 150 times a day so I am guessing if others comment, we can get a better idea of the conditions for this happening and other solutions.

  4. Hi, just tap on “Add to watch Later” and you can view the video there.

    Hope it works for yourl.

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