Christmas 2010 has come to and end

Ryan is Santa Claus. Here and gone!Christmas 2010 has concluded and we will add it to the list of successful Christmas’.

Since I moved to California or got divorced, or started living with someone of a different culture, Christmas has become something different for me. While I realize it is the birth of Jesus Christ and that is what we should truly be celebrating, a place in my mind full of Christmas memories helps me to remember it is also about family.

Golden Globe Best Motion Picture Awards, my take on the nonsense

Every year around this time I get excited and attempt to see all of the movies that are nominated for Best Picture. I have involved my family in this endeavor as well when possible. There have been several that my children will never see , “There Will Be Blood”  as an example. I loved that movie by the way.

I take my cue from the Golden Globes nominations and start from there. There are 5 movies nominations and from those I have seen 4. Here they are and also my thoughts on each of them.

Black Swan: I liked this flick but didn’t love it. It was OK